Visiting Albano Carrisi in Cellino San Marco

Albano Carrisi is a very famous Italian pop singer you might go visit, if you happen to be in the Brindisi area.

Well, for those of you, who don’t know Al Bano aka Albano Carrisi with or without Romina Power, he (and she, ie. his former wife) are Italian pop singers, who made it big in San Remo and the Eurovision Song Contest in the 80s. A bit like Keld&Hilda, Svenne&Lotta, Sonny&Cher or Captain&Tenille. I write this tentatively, because all Italians – or at least all pugliesi – find it absolutely incredible that anybody, who was alive in the 1980s, haven’t got an Al Bano and Romina Power (who is by the way daughter of the famous American actor Tyrone Power, you know?) soundtrack to their lives. They are soooo famous.

albano carrisi

Tenuta Albano Carrisi

And they are not just famous for their hit music, the Italians stress, when they have finished rolling their eyes in exasperation over foreign cultural twits. They are also famous for their marriage, their tragedy, their break-up, and for Al Bano’s unwavering loyalty to the place, where he grew up, Cellino San Marco. Actually, Al Bano still lives in Cellino San Marco (or more precisely on the road between Cellino and Oria), where he has got his Tenuta, ranch, and where you can buy his award winning ‘Don Carmelo’ wine, eat at his restaurant, visit his casa discografica, or stay in his villagio. It is pure celebrity-star spangled magic.

The magic starts, when you come to a fork in the road and meet a 5 metre tall Madonna statue with widespread arms announcing that you have reached Tenuta Albano Carrisi. Further down the road, there is a boundary wall surrounding a small village in a kind of patchwork architecture merging different styles and materials. There is a park with lakes, streams and gold fish. And there is the restaurant, the enoteca, the church, and other facilities for residents.

According to the article ‘Un villagio di nome “Albano”‘, the popsinger has designed the buildings himself, just as he has taken part in the practical construction work. Maybe that explains the clash of tastes, and what he himself calls a fruit salad of various ideas, memories and feelings picked up on travels throughout the world.

Al Bano’s world can now be seen all year round outside Cellino San Marco, and his music can be heard on record, and on YouTube where he and Romina Power are forever performing ‘Felicità’, which happens to be the only Al Bano hit song, I remember having heard before.

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  1. Melanie
    Melanie says:

    I lived in Carovigno from 1980-82 while stationed at San Vito, AS. I fell in love with Romina and Albano with their Aria Pura album. I would love to go back to A Puglia and see his Tenuto, and maybe tell him how much I loved his music. I missed the chance while at the Brindisi airport when I was seeing off my parents, who came fro a visit and to see their granddaughter, who was born in Brindisi. He was standing in the airport, and I nudged my husband… ‘Look, it’s Al Bano…should I say something?” “Nah, he probably gets pestered all the time. He doesn’t need an American bothering him….” My daughter was nearly named Felicita…but were wer afraid of how it would be butchered when we got back to the states. she got stuck with Megan…. Mille Grazi, Al Bano!

    • Mette
      Mette says:

      What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing. And I hope you’ll get a chance to stay at Al Bano’s holiday village, if you go back to Puglia sometime.

    • Kimchi Bey
      Kimchi Bey says:

      I was also stationed at San Vito AS (1988-1991) and lived in the villa closest to the then restaurant and wine cellar on the property.

      Romina would send her son to our villa to fetch my husband to play tennis with her!

      My family became good friends with the restaurant 5-minutes from the estates (Anna & Franco) and their lovely children Guisi, Vincenzo, Barbara and the baby girl whose name escapes me.

      I now live in Albania and found out recently from one of my ESL Italian students that Albano was named after this country because of the fondness his father had for Albania. I’m not sure of how accurate that is but…it makes for an interesting story!

      Looking forward to visiting the current look of the place sometime later this year.

      Thanks for sharing! 🫡

  2. Noreen McMahon
    Noreen McMahon says:

    I discovered Al Bano and Romania’s music 2 years ago…his voice touches your soul. I adore Italy and would love to if I ever get the chance to say hello and taste his beautiful wine.


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