Where in Italy?

Where in Italy quiz: Test your knowledge of Italian towns and places. Post a comment, if you recognize the destination from the photo and the three hints.

For general  entertainment and with inspiration from Sophie’s World and Budget Travel Adventures, I’m introducing a ‘Where in Italy’ quiz, where you can test your knowledge of Italian towns and places. All you have to do is post a comment, if you recognize the destination from the photo and the three hints.

  1. Though irresistibly charming and gifted with more historic sights than most other places in Europe, this city stands out as a black sheep in the Italian urban family.
  2. The city is credited for the invention of a number of red, white and green dishes like pizza and caprese salad.
  3. The city has the only cluster of modern skyscrapers in Italy (as can be seen if you look very closely at the photo taken during take off from the city’s central airport).

Comment view will be delayed for 24 hours and among the correct answers a ‘winner’ will be selected. The ‘prize’ is a short presentation of you, your blog and twitter profile on this page and on Italian Notes’ Facebook.

And the winner is….
All answers to this week’s quiz pointed to Naples, which was correct and goes to prove the great perceptiveness of the readers. Impressing:) The many correct answers make it hard to pick a winner, although the contribution from @angelsdemonstou might be considered to take the lead for observations of the L-shaped autostrada and the San Paolo stadium. Still, in all fairness, I’ve closed my eyes and moved the cursor around till it happened to land on Eugene Martinez known on twitter as @tgiflorence.

Eugene has a degree in art history and graphic design from New York University and thirty years of experience in Tuscany, He shares his passion for art, history and cooking by blogging on tgiFlorence and organizing itineraries and cooking classes around Florence.

Congratulations to Eugene and big thanks to everyone who took the time to join in the fun and post an answer. It’s been really interesting to explore your blogs and homepages and I can only encourage others to do the same.

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    • Mette
      Mette says:

      I’m always trying to think op excuses to go back. For some reason Naples is not the easiest not the most inviting place to visit (Though it is great fun).


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