Where in Italy quiz?

It’s time for a new where in Italy quiz, and my choice has fallen on a town most travellers to Italy have heard of though few bother to visit. In fact, people mainly come here in order to get away, and Lonely Planet describes it as ’fairly grimly and tattered’. But as the photo shows it is not without charm, or history for that matter.

  • The town derives its name from the Greek word for elbow, because the harbor is embraced in the crook of two promontories. It was founded by settlers from Syracuse in the 4th century BC, and although destroyed by bombing in the 2nd World War and badly damaged by an earthquake in 1972, a number of historic buildings remain.
  • The 11th century Cathedral has a wooden roof in the shape of an upside down boat. It sits on a hill with splendid views of the city and its surroundings.
  • On summer evenings, part of the population of 100 000 people crowd the piazze in the old town, where outdoor restaurants serve the regional signature dish vincisgrassi.

Please post a comment below, if you think you recognize the town. Moderation is switched on so all comments will be displayed simultaneously.

Among the correct answers a ‘winner’ will be selected. The ‘prize’ is a short presentation of you, your blog and twitter profile on this page and on Italian Notes’ facebook.

And the winner is:
Thanks a lot to you all for participating, and expecially to @carodario_ from Siracusa for endurance and persistency. It paid off in the end:)

The winners this time round are the two participantsfrom S.O.G.N.O and WalksofItaly, who recognized not just the town, but also the square shown in the photo as Piazza del Plebiscito. That’s quite astute, and probably the result of some inside knowledge.

Hetty de Vogel is a Dutch woman with a passion for Italy, where she lived for 10 years. She is also the owner of an online shop called S.O.G.N.O. selling olive oil, wine and other specialities from (my part of) Puglia. You can follow Hetty on twitter @HettydeVogel or visit her blog on S.O.G.N.O.

WalksofItaly is a US tour planner specialized in entertaining, short and relaxed walks (not hikes) through Italian art and history. Their aim is to give visitors the insider’s view of Italian places on of off the beaten track. You can follow @WalksofItaly on twitter or visit their blog and homepage on Walks of Italy.

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  1. Laura Bennett
    Laura Bennett says:

    It’s Ancona!! A very underrated town that I used to spend a lot of time in when I was younger. People always seem to be passing through to get to the port but it’s definitely worth lingering a while :-)

  2. Graham Williams
    Graham Williams says:

    I reckon this is Ancona. I’ve not been there yet and we’ll be sailing straight past it again in April! Maybe I’ll read further.

  3. Marylou Collins
    Marylou Collins says:

    Well, it has to be Ancona….but have to admit I cheated…..I thought for certain sure that it was going to somewhere in Sicily…..

  4. dario
    dario says:

    Ok I made my researches, it wasn’t easy, and i must admit I didn’t know it despite I was born and bred in Siracusa, but now I know it is Ancona! So smart my ancestors!


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