Where in Italy?

Where in Italy quiz: Test your knowledge of Italian towns and places. Post a comment, if you recognize the destination from the photo and the three hints.

New ‘Where in Italy’ quiz, where you can test your knowledge of Italian towns and places. All you have to do is post a comment, if you recognize the destination from the photo and these three hints.

  1.  The town with a population of 135.000 people is still surrounded by more than 9 kilometres of ancient walls. The structures that were built in the 15th and 16th centuries are among the best preserved Renaissance walls in Italy.
  2. Part of the town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to the genius of Biagio Rossetti (c. 1447 – 1516). An architect and city planner who balanced humanistic principles in architecture with local tradition and the real needs of the city.
  3. Restaurants still serve medieval specialities like Salama da sugo of pork meat, wine and spices left to mature in a sac for one year like a cacciocavallo before you boil it for 10-15 hours and serve it with mashed potatoes – and pasticcio di maccheroni – a maccheroni pie kept together by besciamella or ricotta sauce.

Comment view will be delayed for 24 hours and among the correct answers a ‘winner’ will be selected. The ‘prize’ is a short presentation of you, your blog and twitter profile on this page and on Italian Notes’ Facebook.

And the winner is….
Florence, Padova and Fontanellato near Parma were among the very good bids on this week’s where in Italy contest, yet – as most contestants here on the blog, on Twitter and on facebook noted – the correct answer is Ferrara. A magnificently strange town plugging the Po delta.

Again I find it hard to pick a winner. After two runs, the just for fun contest has introduced me to so many, really interesting readers/writers and blogs, I didn’t know beforehand, that I’d like to promote all. Yet the rules of the game demand a lottery, and this week the arrow pointed to foodieinternational , who of course recognized Ferrara on the Salama da sugo.

Foodieinternational is driven by Elyse Pasquale, describing herself as a Globe Trekker, Air Warrior and, International Foodie. Elyse resides primarily in New York City and also spends time in a farmhouse in Tuscany. For the last couple of years she has dedicated all her free time to international dining experiences fueled by milage deals, airline specials and the places she’s always dreamed of seeing. The highly knowledgeable and entertaining blog  follows her adventures on a plate – and I’ll definitely do the same.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who took the time to post an answer.

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