Slow cooked beef stew

Slow cooked beef stew

This slow cooked beef stew was originally made with oxtail. But shin, shank, rump or other tough and boney pieces of meat can be used instead.

Steak and mushrooms recipe

Steak with mushrooms and pepper

Steak and mushrooms is such a simple serving it hardly deserves a recipe. Yet dried, mixed fungi, red pepper and sage give this version a welcome twist.

Meat rolls from Marche

Some people claim that each region in Italy have its own recipe for preparing meat rolls, and I have seen a few. This is recipe for meat rolls from Marche.

Flank steak with loads of onions - Itailan Notes

Flank steak with loads of onions

This sauce of onions in onions is extremely popular with grilled flank steak, which means I’ll happily make it, even though it takes time.