Street art in Florence

Street art in Florence in the shape of hand painted portraits and caricatures with Ponte Vecchio in the background  have become a cherished holiday souvenir for thousands of visiting families.

Travel writing is mostly about the great sights of any city, but sometimes what you remember most is something quite different.

My first visit to Florence took place about 15 years’ ago, and I still recall the celebrated attractions, yet another lasting impression was made by street artists outside the Uffizi. I hadn’t come across professional painters who made a living sitting in the streets and drawing the likeness or caricature of odd people before, and their enterprise, skills, tempo, technique, flattery and tricks seemed fascinating.

Street art in Florence

Later I’ve seen loads of portraits and caricatures of children with Ponte Vecchio, Colosseum, gondolas, the Eiffel Tower or the tower of London in the background. They decorate the walls of private homes side by side with Warhole and Van Gogh reproductions. The productions of street artists has apparently become a cherished souvenir. I almost regret I didn’t buy a sketched memento, but settled for a wooden Pinocchio instead.

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Florence with children

The Ponte Vecchio in Florence

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  1. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    This is a nice point of view of Florence. There is this “art air” we can breath everywhere in the city. That’s why I love Florence so much. :)



  2. Laurel
    Laurel says:

    I think portraits or caricatures are a great souvenir. I normally buy paintings as souvenirs or enlarge and frame photos from my travels so my house looks like one big travel brochure, but I love being surrounded by so many happy memories.

    • admin
      admin says:

      My house is full of enlarged photos, as well, but I’ve never had the patience to sit and wait while a drawing is being made. Could be interesting, though…

  3. Turkey's For Life
    Turkey's For Life says:

    I love watching street artists. We were watching street artists in Rhodes – amazing how they can produce their works so quickly. Yes, it would have been nice to get a souvenir.

  4. Angie Jordan
    Angie Jordan says:

    I am a professional caricature artist and what I love most is to stop at ANY Caricature Artist performing or entertaining, even other types of media and art, as well. I am sorry to say that many (not all) of these street artists are fakes, and they steal other artist’s work from the internet, with printing them or tracing them, to make it look like their very own style, and put them on display. It’s sad and I am writing this to ask others to be aware and watch many of these artists draw in action, before you purchase the art. Also, take a look at each artist’s poster display, and take the time to look up the celebrity caricature and see the artist who really created that celebrity’s caricature!

    Even the painted watercolors of flowers, landscape and landmarks are copied, so beware! This should be banned by the community and help narrow the true talented artists, within that community, be able to earn their living with their true given talent and creative gift!


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