Steak and mushrooms recipe

Easy Italian steak mushrooms recipe

Steak mushrooms recipe

Scaloppine con funghi e peperoni

Steak mushrooms is such a simple serving it hardly deserves a recipe. Yet the dried and mixed fungi, red pepper and sage give  this version a welcome twist. And if you have been out in the countryside or forest collecting mushrooms the result becomes even better

For my steak with mushrooms I prefer to use very thin slices of veal or beef  instead of traditional steaks. The ultra thin slices cook fast when you are in a hurry, and regardless of the cut and the quality the meat will always end up juicy and tender.


500 g thinly sliced veal,  beef or your steak of choice
50 g flour
salt, pepper
1 red bell pepper
70 g dried mushrooms
100 ml white wine
Olive oil, fresh sage


Soak the mushrooms in boiling water for 10-15 minutes
Flatten the sliced veal with a meat hammer to make them thin.
Mix flour with salt and pepper and use it to coat each slice of meat
Fry the meat separately in olive oil over medium heat
Remove the meat from the frying pan after 2-3 minutes and fry another batch
When all the meat is done, use the pan to fry the cleaned and chopped pepper
Squeeze excess water off the mushrooms, cut them in smaller pieces and add them to the peppers
Pour white wine over pepper and mushrooms, turn up the heat and let the alcohol evaporate
Stir in the water from the mushrooms and salt and sage to taste
Return the meat back in the saucepan and let the dish simmer for 10 minutes
Serve the Italian steak and mushrooms with potatoes, vegetables or good bread.

Steak and mushrooms recipe

Red pepper and sage adds taste and colour to a this classic steak and mushroom recipe.

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