Salted lemons

Salted lemons

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Salted lemons may be an Arabic or Moroccan specialty, but they are frequently used in Italian cooking as well. Preserved and salted lemons are great with gnocchi and pasta. They give a touch of freshness and C-vitamins to grain salads. And they work wonders in combination with chicken, fish, olives, leeks, peas, cabbage and artichokes. In fact, they can be used almost everywhere, when you are in the mood. And when not, they will keep for months in a jar on the shelf.
I don’t normally make more than one jar at a time, but if you have got loads of lemons and lots of storage space you can easily make more.

5 organic lemons
60 g salt
60 g sugar

Use lemons that are bright yellow without blemishes and wash them thoroughly.
Bring a big pot of water stirred with salt and sugar to the boil.
Prick each lemon with a thin skewer 10-15 times.
Place the lemons in the water and let them simmer for about 30 minutes.
You should be able to squeeze them without feeling resistance, but they should not burst.
Place the lemons in a clean pickling jar.
Cover them with the salted and sugared brine and put the lid on.
If it is difficult to keep the lemons submerged under the brine pour a little water in a plastic bag and use the bag as an extra lid.
Salt and lack of oxygen will prevent bacteria from growing.
When you need a lemon, you just take it out of the jar.
Cut off top and bottom.
Cut the salted lemons in halves and scoop out and discard the fruit meat.
The delicately salted lemon peel can then be cut in thin strips and browned in butter before serving.

Dishes with salted lemons

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Salted lemons

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  1. Leigh
    Leigh says:

    I’ve cut out recipes before and have planned to make these but never followed through. I need to try at least once; I think the burst of lemon flavour added to dishes would be delicious.


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