Roasted pepper sauce for pasta

Crema di pepperoni gialli
You don’t have to use fat cream to make a good, thick roasted pepper sauce for pasta. Blended vegetables with a few almonds or some bread crumbs can have the same rich texture, and the taste is a lot easier to adjust or adapt with your favourite herbs and spices.

1 shallot onion
1 clove of garlic
2 yellow peppers
50 ml white wine
1 tbsp grated parmesan
4-5 almonds
Fresh chervil or parsley
salt, pepper and olive oil

Grill the peppers until the skin starts to blacken. Leave them to cool in a closed plastic bag. Remove seeds and peel off the skin.
Peel and chop onion and garlic and fry them over medium heat
Cut the roasted peppers in smaller pieces and add them to the frying pan.
Pour in white wine and a little water and leave the vegetables to cook for 10 minutes
Blend the vegetables with grated parmesan and add a few almonds to get the texture right
Return the blended sauce to the saucepan and adjust the taste with salt and pepper
Serve the creamy yellow sauce with your favourite kind of pasta and sprinkled with chervil.

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Roasted pepper sauce

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