Panzanella salad recipe with bread and tomatoes

This Tuscan Panzanella salad recipe is extremely simple using just a basic few ingredients. Yet the preparation makes a huge difference. 

Panzanella was originally invented to use up stale bread in a tomato salad, and the ingredients are almost always the same. Yet there are various ways of making it, and I think the preparation makes a huge difference. That’s why I always make an infusion of balsamic vinegar instead of just using plain white wine vinegar. It may take a few minutes longer, but the taste becomes so much better.

3 slices of hard bread (If you haven’t got stale bread it should be toasted. Otherwise the bread turns to mush)
300 g tomatoes
3 spring onions
1 clove of garlic
Fresh basil
2 tbsp capers
100 ml balsamic vinegar
1 laurel leaf
8 tbsp olive oil

Remove the crust, dice the bread and leave it out to dry
Boil 100 ml balsamic vinegar with 100 ml water and the laurel leaf
Let the vinegar become cold before pouring it over the bread
Wash and chop tomatoes, spring onions, garlic, basil and capers
Sprinkle the salad with olive oil
Press excess vinegar from the bread and mix bread and tomatoes to a refreshing summer salad.

panzanella salad recipe

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7 replies
  1. Francesca
    Francesca says:

    We have it just last night – done in my mother style which does not include onions although I do add them…I think you posted my recipe last year. It’s so refreshing and summery!

  2. admin
    admin says:

    You’re right. I did publish your version last year, but there are so many different recipe. On Twitter Tuscans are chiding me for adding laurels, capers, garlic, and … tomatos. They want cucumbers instead.

  3. Ana Maria Vasconcellos
    Ana Maria Vasconcellos says:

    I’ve been following you on twitter, but I admit I am not addicted to twitter, and so I don’t check the messages very often…
    Today I clicked on a recipe you posted and began to go from one recipe to another, following your kinks at the bottom which say “you may also like…” and I bookmarked some of them to prepare in the next days.
    I like the kind of recipes you post. Simple, fresh and often with few ingredients but all based on good quality food.
    Just to say I’ll be following you with more attention 🙂 Compliments.


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