Mussels of Taranto

Before Taranto became known for the “red skies”, it was famed for having the largest production of farmed mussels in the world. Mussels of Taranto were a brand. 

According to Wikipedia, Taranto has the largest production of farmed mussels in the world, with an estimated yield of close to 30,000 tons / year. The mussels grow on ropes and nets suspended over poles and wooden structure in Mar Piccolo, where a mixture of fresh and salt water provides a special marine environment. The fresh water in Mar Piccolo is supplied by 34 underwater springs, that create favourable conditions for both mussels and other kinds of fish and shellfish.

There are still 1300 mussel farmers in Taranto, and even though their numbers have declined over the last centuries, you can still see them tending their nets around the ‘small sea’.

Mussels of Taranto

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  1. Laurel
    Laurel says:

    Very interesting, I had no idea that Taranto was so famous for its mussels, let alone the largest mussel producer in the world. Dining out in Taranto must be fantastic!

  2. Dany
    Dany says:

    When you test galicia mussel you can told awesome,taranto it,s the best in the world but galician it,s the best in the planet


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