Marzipan covered rhubarb cake

Torta al rabarbaro

Stylish marzipan covered rhubarb cake with a rich creamy texture although there is hardly any butterfat included.

This rhubarb cake was originally inspired by a ‘zuccotto al rabarbaro’ recipe in  La Cucina Italiana, but as I did not have a skullcap pan, I decided to make a layer cake instead. And the heavy fruit cream had to make way for a lighter rhubarb mousse. The result is a stylish party cake with a rich creamy texture although there is hardly any butterfat among the ingredients.

For the sponge
3 eggs
2 egg yolks
120 g sugar
50 g melted butter
200 g flour
1 tsp baking powder

For the rhubarb cream
500 g rhubarb
300 g sugar
1 tsp vanilla sugar
5 leaves of gelatin
4 egg yolks
4 egg whites
4 tbsp sugar

For the cover
100 g marzipan
2 tbsp powdered sugar

Start by making the sponge
With an electric mixer whisk eggs and sugar until white and fluffy
Stir in the melted butter
Sift in flour and baking powder and mix well.
Line a round springform pan with parchment paper (cut out a circle to fit and use a straight edges strip to line the sides)
Pour the cake batter in the pan and bake at 170 C / 340 F for 25 minutes

Meanwhile prepare the rhubarb filling
Clean the rhubarbs and discard the tops.
Cut the stems in smaller pieces and boil to a thick jam with 1 tbsp water
Add sugar to taste just before the jam is done (rhubarb require more sugar than I care to think about)
Leave the rhubarb jam to cool completely
Soak the leaves of gelatin in cold water
Whisk egg whites until they form firm tops (and you can turn the bowl upside down without spilling)
Whisk egg yolks, 4 tbsp of sugar and vanilla sugar until white and fluffy.
Squeeze excess water off the gelatin and melt them over a water bath.
Stir the melted gelatin into 2/3 of the rhubarb jam which should have reached room temperature. The remaining 1/3 of the rhubarb jam should be set aside.
Fold the rhubarb with gelatin into the egg yolks and sugar mixture
Then fold the egg whites into the egg yolks and rhubarb mixture and leave it to set.

When the sponge cake has cooled cut it through lengthwise two times, so that you have three discs with a thickness of about 2 cm each. Spread half the rhubarb jam over the bottom sponge cake layer.
Top with a thick layer of rhubarb mousse and repeat the process one more time.
Place the last disc of sponge cake on top of the cake.
Roll out the marzipan between two layers of cling film
Cover the rhubarb cake in marzipan and dust it with a little powdered sugar before serving.

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marzipan covered rhubarb cake

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  1. Leigh
    Leigh says:

    I saw marzipan and rhubarb in one sentence and thought wow – this has got to be a little slice of heaven. Sounds delicious and worth the effort. My rhubarb is growing quickly and I am always on the lookout for new recipes.

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    I haven’t heard about Marzipan in eons! The last time was on a Food Network show here in the States. That sounds devine and looks absolutely incredible, Mette!


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