Recipe for chocolate ganache cake

Torta al cioccolato con crema ganache
A recipe for chocolate ganache cake that leads to the most divine and intense chocolate pleasure.

In Italy the ganache double cream and chocolate icing is also known as Crema Parigina, possibly as a reference to the popular belief that this preparation was invented in a Parisian cake shop in the mid 19th century. The French Wikipedia does not assign credit to any particular ‘pâtisserie’ and the names circulating on the internet don’t sound very French to me.

So let’s just say that someone somewhere somehow developed this incredibly rich and delicious chocolate that is divine in petit fours as well as in other desserts like this chocolate with chocolate cake.


For the cake
200 g dark chocolate
200 g butter
100 ml espresso
200 g flour
2 tsp baking powder
200 g brown sugar
200 g sugar
2 tbsp cocoa
3 eggs
4 tbsp yoghurt

For the ganache
200 g dark 80% chocolate
250 ml double cream
40 g sugar
1 tbsp candied violets

Raspberry coulis
300 g raspberries
50 g sugar

Melt butter, chocolate and coffee in a pan without over heating.
Mix flour, brown sugar, white sugar, baking powder and cocoa in a bowl and stir in eggs and yoghurt.
Pour the melted chocolate mixture into the flour mixture and stir. The consistency should be smooth and runny.
Grease a baking tin and line base and sides with parchment paper.
Pour the cake mixture into the tin and bake at 140 C / 285 F for 90 minutes.
Leave the cake to cool, before you cut it in three layers horizontally.
Heat up cream and chocolate for the ganache, but don’t let it boil.
Spread a thin layer of ganache between every two layers of chocolate cake. Assemble the layers and pour the rest of the ganache over the cake, so that it is completely covered.
Decorate with candied violets
Boil raspberries with sugar and blend them to a smooth sauce to serve with this chocolate ganache cake.

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recipe for chocolate ganache cake

6 replies
  1. AdriBarr
    AdriBarr says:

    Well, don’t I just love hearing about something totally new to me, and here it is, Crema Parigina. It is altogether new to me. The cake looks great, and the recipe sounds wonderful. I am always amazed at how the addition of coffee (or espresso) enhances a chocolate dessert. Somehow the coffee deepens and enriches the flavor. I will have to try this one. Thanks for a lovely recipe.

  2. admin
    admin says:

    I’m glad you feel inspired and you are so right about coffee emphasizing the chocolate taste. I’ve heard the same should be the case with chili, but I haven’t tried it yet.

    • admin
      admin says:

      Why not – sour cream ganache is mostly used with white chocolate, but there’s is no harm in trying it with dark chocolate as well. Let’s know how it goes, if you try it:)

  3. kimberley
    kimberley says:

    Hi what size tin is this cake? could I make it in a loaf tin as there are only two of us to eat it.
    Thanks for your help

    • Mette Vaabengaard
      Mette Vaabengaard says:

      I use a 24 cm springform cake tin, but the size is not that important, and you can always use a smaller tin and perhaps add another layer. Very large tins might be problematic, if the cake becomes so flat, you can’t cut it in three horizontally. But if you use half measures, I think a moderately sized a loaf tin would do just fine.


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