Chicken terrine recipe

Rillette di pollo
This chicken terrine recipe or chicken rillette is perfect for lunch, light dinner or starter. And leftovers can be used as a delicious sandwich spread.

I am really fond of this recipe which is fast and easy to prepare, extremely tasty and costs next to nothing. A pate or terrine is perfect for lunch, light dinner or starter when served with salad or toasted bread. And if there are any leftovers, they can be used as a delicious sandwich spread.

½ chicken breast or 2 chicken legs
200 g celery, parsnip and carrot (You can use one, two or all vegetables, but carrot is difficult to mash)
1 apple
Fresh thyme, salt and pepper

Clean and peel the vegetables and cut them up in chunks.
Peel and core the apple.
Remove meat from bone and cut the chicken in cubes.
Put all ingredients in a pot, add a little water and boil over low heat for about an hour.
Pour off excess water and remove the thyme stalks
Shred chicken meat between two forks and mash it with the other ingredients. Press the mash into portions sized cocottes or a terrine and leave it to rest a couple of hours in the fridge before serving.

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      admin says:

      Hi Saretta,
      Come to think of it, it’s true you rarely see parsnips – pastinaca – in Puglia. There is supposed to be a special Basso Salento, yellow and violet coloured version called pestanaca, and I found something like it at the farmers market, perhaps among the organic produce? Still, finding it is a matter of luck, and I must admit I’m not particularly fussy about the exact combination of vegetables in this dish. Any – not to dominant tasting – roots will do, ie. turnips, Jerusalem artichokes, daikon and even potatoes.


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