Whalebone in Verona

A mysterious whalebone in Verona

A mysterious, ancient whalebone in Verona spurs the imagination of mythomaniacs and rambling tourists.

Treviso’s Loggia dei Cavalieri

The Loggia dei Cavalieri is a living monument and a symbol of the rise and fall of Treviso in the region of Veneto.

Lake Garda at Peschiera del Garda

Quick Guide to Peschiera del Garda

Photo from Piazza dei Signori in Vicenza

Vicenza – A Site for Pilgrims of Architecture

Vicenza – A Site for Pilgrims of Architecture A total of 23 classic, renaissance buildings by the celebrated Andrea Palladio make Vicenza a site for pilgrims of architecture. And leaves even the uninitiated like me awestruck. Booking.com

Medieval bridge in Verona

Quick guide to Verona

We’d always thought of Verona as a place for opera and young lovers, but it turned out to have attractions for everyone. Here’s a quick guide to Verona.