Panna cotta con le nocciole

Peposo dell’Impruneta

Peposo dell Impruneta is a traditional Tuscan pepper stew recipe from the village Impruneta south of Florence.

Zuppa inglese meringata

Zuppa inglese meringata is one of numerous versions of a spoon dessert cherished all over Italy. And in spite of the name it has no connection to neither soup nor England.

Grilled Cauliflower and Pickled Pear

This recipe for grilled cauliflower and pickled pear was developed by Chef Simone Caponetto for the classy restaurant Locale Firenze located at the Concini Palace in the centre of Florence.

Salmon mango avocado salad

Antipasto salad of raw salmon, mango, avocado which has been given an exotic twist with the addition of lime, coriander and nigella seeds.