Visit Manfredonia

24 hours in Manfredonia during the Euro 2020 Final.

The Golden Curls of Foggia

The Golden Curls of Foggia One of the main attractions of Foggia, if you ask me, are the golden curls still visible on the corners of some old palazzos, and the Goldilock tale that goes with them. 

Restaurants in Foggia Trattoria Giordano Pompeo

Restaurants in Foggia: Trattoria Giordano Pompeo

Collecting free Italian souvenirs

Collecting free Italian souvenirs

Am I the only one collecting sea shells and broken glass as holiday souvenirs?

Muslims in Lucera

Muslims in Lucera : 800 years ago muslims were deported from Sicily to Lucera in Puglia and their influence is still visible in the town.

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