Santa Maria di Castellabate

Santa Maria di Castellabate Revisited

We visited Santa Maria di Castellabate several times 15-20 ago and the first impression upon returning is how little the town has changed.

Sanctuary of San Francesco da Paola in Calabria

Paola and the Patron Saint of Calabria

We went to Paola hoping to discover a rough Diamante, but all we found were trains, the patron saint of Calabria and a touring Calabrian fitness pageant.

A crushed Beetle at La Palomba Sculpture Park

La Palomba Sculpture Park

A few kilometres outside Matera there is an abandoned quarry with a permanently open, free for all sculpture park, exhibiting works of the sculptor Antonio Paradiso.

Miracle of Lanciano

The Miracle of Lanciano

A visit to Lanciano to witness (what is left of) the eucharistic miracle.

Treviso’s Loggia dei Cavalieri

The Loggia dei Cavalieri is a living monument and a symbol of the rise and fall of Treviso in the region of Veneto.