Festivals in the province of Isernia

Folklore and festivals are great ways to experience the local spirit in any part of Italy, which is why I have accumulated this guide to festivals in the province of Isernia.

Venafro in Molise

Venafro in Molise

Venafro in Molise is an idyllic town with a mythological origin. According to legend it was founded by the Greek superhero Diomedes. 

archaeological layers of Isernia

The archaeological layers of Isernia

We didn’t see signs of human activity from the Lower Paleolithic 700.000 years ago, but there are plenty other archaeological layers of Isernia to discover.

Cardarelli Stone Bridge

Cardarelli Stone Bridge

Isernia sights: According to Wikipedia one of the main sights in Isernia is the Cardarelli Stone Bride that proved very hard to find.

A narrow street in one of the small towns in the Italian region Molise.

What to see in Molise

My list of what to see in Molise – one of the least known regions in Italy with proud traditions for bell founding, knife forging and bagpipes.