Piattelletti neighbourhood in Fano in Le Marche -Italian Notes

Exploring Fano in Le Marche

Exploring Fano in Le Marche Pretty doll-sized houses, a broken sword and the legend of a black, horse-drawn carriage are among the main attractions of Fano in Le Marche. Booking.com Looking at the map, I’d expected Fano to be yet another Adriatic seaside resort crammed with sunbeds, gelato shops and miserably small stretches of free […]

One of the most adorable hill towns in Italy

Image of Fava and pea soup

Fava and Pea Soup

With mint and olive oil.

Stuffed gnocchi with coloured vegetable topping

A dish encountered in Urbino Marche

The musical attractions of Pesaro

The opera composer Gioachino Rossini was born in Pesaro 220 years ago. But his genius still resounds all over the city.