The astronomical clock in Macerata

Photo from Civitanova Marche

Floods of dazzling sunshine in Civitanova Marche

Floods of Dazzling Sunshine in Civitanova Marche Civitanova Marche is one of the modern ports aka beach towns on the Adriatic coast, but thanks to a classic Italian feminist I managed to get the feel of the city.

Risotto with smoked salmon

Risotto with smoked salmon and peas

This risotto with smoked salmon and peas was part of an unbelievably lavish antipasti served at one of the best fish restaurants I have ever visited.

Photo of modern sculpture on Piazza della liberta in Macerata Mache

Lazy Guide to the Most Important Macerata Sights

Macerata is a bustling hilltown with a hiking paradise and a popular seaside round the corner. But few tourists have discovered this well kept secret.

Camerino - A university town named Camerino

A university town named Camerino in Marche

Visit to Camerino in Marche with the Ducal Palace and breathtaking views of the Sibillini Mountains.