A romantic holiday in Sardinia

For those who want to enjoy summer at the sea in total relaxation, Chia Laguna Resort in Sardinia is the ideal place to spend the holidays.

Linguine with bottarga

Linguine with bottarga

Linguine with bottarga: Dried roe of tuna or mullets is quite a delicacy, when sprinkled over a nice plate of pasta tossed in olive oil.

Tasty pecorino stuffed ravioli from Sardinia – Culingionis

What makes these Sardinian ravioli worth trying is the goat cheese stuffing paired with spinach and tomato sauce.

Sardinian prawn salad

Insalata di gamberi alla sarda
Sardinian style prawn salad with tomatoes, lettuce, fennel, mint and other refreshing flavours.

This dish is based on a Michele Scicolone recipe from ‘Savouring Italy’, and according to the book it is one of very few Sardinian seafood dishes. I think it is terrific both as a starter and as a main course, and once the prawns have been shelled, the dish can be ready in less than five minutes including the time needed to tidy up the kitchen.

200 g king or tiger prawns
6 dried tomatoes
½ fennel
2 spring onions including the green tops
Lettuce leaves
1 tbsp capers
fresh mint
olive oil

Remove shells and intestines from the prawns, and stir fry them swiftly in a hot saucepan with a little olive oil.
Cut the tomatoes in tiny pieces and soak them in boiling water for 1-2 minutes.
Clean and slice fennel and spring onions.
Chop the mint finely.
Mix the vegetables with mint and capers in lemon and olive oil.
Add tomatoes and fried prawns.
Arrange the prawn salad on leaves of lettuce before serving.

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prawn salad