cartapesta Lecce - Italian Notes

In Lecce cartapesta is more than a souvenir

Why is there a concentration of ‘Cartapesta’ workshops on Salento and especially around Lecce?

Cave towns in Puglia

Fascinated by the fissured and cracked up places along the instep of the Italian boot.

Altamura and the meaning of claustrophobia

Take a walk around Altamura in Puglia and you will find a town closing in on itself. Then you’ll know more about Altamura and the meaning of claustrophobia.

Active Holidays Around Altamura - Italian Notes

Active Holidays Around Altamura

A cultural society in Altamura Italy invites foreign volunteers to help preserve the Italian heritage, while they stay in an old masseria.

Making mozzarella at a farm dairy near Altamura

Making mozzarella at a farm dairy near Altamura: There are more than 400 different cheeses in Italy. Most of them are still made at small farm dairies. And there’s nothing like the taste of fresh mozzarella.

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