Surrounded by art and architecture in Udine

Everywhere you go, you are surrounded by great art and architecture in Udine. One of the refined cities in Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Cinnamon swirl cake

Cinnamon swirl cake with nuts

This Italian cake looks just like the Danish cinnamon swirl cake. But it is an unorthodox version of ‘presnitz’.

Make sauerkraut - Italian Notes

Make sauerkraut – sour cabbage

Chucrut or sauerkraut is normally regarded as a German speciality. But Italy has it as well. And all it takes to make sauerkraut is patience and time.

Food festivals around Udine

Italians are fond of food fairs and festivals. No local products are too plain or insignificant to deserve a celebration, and for tourists the fairs offer a real taste of the place.

Ravioli with Radicchio Filling - Italian Notes

Homemade ravioli with radicchio filling

This ravioli recipe contains radicchio. A red bitter chicory salad that can be eaten raw or cooked with lamb or other kinds of meat.