A guided tour of Rossano

A guided tour of Rossano

Our tour of Rossano started as a quest for liquorices and ended in friendship and dinner. In between we walked to all the places that makes this town lovable.

Castrovillari in Calabria

Two sides of Castrovillari in Calabria

There are two sides to everything in Castrovillari. A new-old town totally surrounded by mountains in the centre of Calabria.

Photo from one of the best beaches in Italy

One of the best beaches in Italy?

Some time ago I was surprised to find Praia a Mare in Calabria on a top 10 of the most secluded if not the best beaches in Italy.

Stilo – World Heritage in Calabria

World Heritage in Calabria: Since the seventh century, hermit monks from the Arabian deserts have sought refuge in the sparsely populated Calabrian mountains, as can be seen at Cattolica di Stilo. Read more