Bocconotti Calabrese

Spaghetti with liquorice tomato sauce

Omelette with tropea onions

Omelette with tropea onions

Omelette with tropea onions On a recent visit to Calabria, we were guided around Rossano to one spectacular view after the other by a couple with met in the street. Afterwards they kindly invited us home to take part in their Sunday meal of pasta and ragu followed by an delicious assortment of sausages, pickled […]

Candied peel and succade

Candied peel and succade is a must-have when making cakes and desserts, and it is quite easy to make it yourself. Even succade made from the Calabrian citron fruit.

Tropea red onion marmalade recipe

This red onion marmalade recipe goes well with salumi, cheese and roasted meats. And tastes great as sandwich topping, though not for breakfast.