Image of Teramo in Abruzzo

A Tour Through the Gory Medieval History of Teramo in Abruzzo

The Trials and Tribulations of Teramo in Abruzzo If towns had a personality, Teramo in Abruzzo would be the shy, introverted type with a streak of melancholia. But its an interesting acquaintance all the same.

Abruzzo national parks

Abruzzo national parks

Abruzzo national parks are among the largest protected areas in Europe. Natural beauty interspersed with ancient castles, convents, villages and pastures.

Giulianova Revisited

Twenty years ago I fell passionately in love with Giulianova in Northern Abruzzo. And the charming seaside town hasn’t changed much over the years.

Capture the colour - italian Notes

Photo Essay: Capture the colour

My entries for Travel Supermarket’s photography competition “Capture the Colour”

Abruzzo door knockers

Door knocker dates back to the time before the door bell, and at some point they took on shape and symbolic meaning.