Roasted leeks

Roasted leeks with lemon peel and walnuts

Porri arrostiti

Roasted leeks are  delicacy when the sweetness of the vegetable merges with salty bitter lemons and crunchy walnuts. As a sidedish it goes well with all kinds of meat and it can even be enjoyed on its own as an elegant vegetarian antipasti starter.

Leeks belong to the same family as onion and garlic, but the taste is mild and the white edible base has a softer structure than ordinary onions, making it very useful in soups and stews.

4 leeks
½ salted lemon
50 g walnuts
Olive oil

Clean the leeks thoroughly and cut off the green top
Slice a little green top and soak it in cold water
Boil the leeks for 5 minutes
Heat up a grill frying pan.
Drain the leaks and let them roast until they are nicely done.
Heat up olive oil in a casserole and stir fry the leek tops
Cut the salted lemon (rind only) into fine strips and mix it with the leek tops
Sprinkle leek tops and lemon rind over the roasted leeks along with some roasted walnuts.
Serve the roasted leeks as a side dish with roasted meat.

More uses for leeks

Pasta with leeks and parmesan

Tasty lentil salad with apple, carrots and celery root

Chickpea and vegetable soup

Roasted leeks

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      That’s the way it is. It annoys me if I cannot find ways to use newly made preserve, so this time I’m determined to bring a couple of suggestions.

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