Beet root salad with apple and capers

Beetroot salad with apple and capers

Insalata di barbabietola, capperi e mele
Refreshing beetroot salad of raw and pickled beets paired with apple and capers makes a perfect wintery sidedish and starter to cut through all the fatty meatbased food.

In Denmark, virtually every household has a jar of pickled beetroots to serve with ‘smørrebrød’, fish and meat. The sour sweet vegetable has a marvelous ability to cut through fat and give colour and kick to otherwise bland dishes. Moreover the pickled roots are also very good in raw winter salads like this one.

If you haven’t got pickled beets in store, you can make your own. Just boil 1 kilo beetroots for 40 minutes, rub off the skin, slice them and cover in a pickle of 500 ml vinegar boiled up with 200 g sugar a teaspoon of cloves and a piece of horseradish. They will keep for at least 6 month. Alternatively, you can substitute pickled beetroots with pickled cucumber. Beetroot salad with apple and capers is a nice winter alternative to summer salads of apricots and onions or salad with pears

2 raw red beetroots
2 apples
4 tbsp pickled beetroot
1 tbsp capers
Olive oil

Peel the raw beets and cut them in small pieces
Peel and core the apples and cut them like the beets
Chop up the pickled beetroots and mix them with raw beets, apples and capers
Sprinkle the beetroot salad with olive oil and parsley before serving.

Beetroot salad


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